Alfredo Nicolás Erlwein Vicuña


  • Publicaciones ISI

    Mustapha Haruna, Julio Rojas-Mora, Karla Maass, Cristian Mondaca, Álvaro Palacios, Alfredo Erlwein, 2014. Expanding the knowledge on adaptation on climate change for sustainable development: a multicriteria approach to indicator studies. Vulnerability serie, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington.

    Erlwein, A., 2013. Interactions Between Land Use and Bioenergy Potential on Designing a Bioenergy Area in the Region of Los Ríos, Chile. Proceedings of the First Conference of Natural Resources and Development. Center for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD), Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

    Erlwein, A., 2011. The 2011 Chilean Earthquake and Its relation to the Japanese Experience: Lessons for Environmental Catastrophes. Annals of Earth Vol.XXVIII Nº1.

    Erlwein, A., 2010. Paisajismo: Entrevista al paisajista francés Guilles Clément. AUS Nº7, Instituto de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Austral de Chile

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    Email: aerlwein@uach.cl