Jose Joel Nuñez Navarro

  • Publicaciones ISI

    Blotto, B, Nuñez, J.J., Basso, N., Ubeda, C., Wheeler, W. and Faivovich, J. (2013) Phylogenetic relationships of a Patagonian frog radiation, the Alsodes + Eupsophus clade (Anura: Alsodidae), with comments on the supposed paraphyly of Eupsophus. Cladistics, 29: 113–131.

    Gallardo, M.H. E.Y. Suárez-Villota, J.J. Núñez, R.A. Vargas, R. Haro and N. Köhler (2013) Phylogenetic relationships and phylogeography of the tetraploid rodent Tympanoctomys barrerae (Octodontidae): insights on its origin and the impact of Quaternary drift on population dynamics. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 108:453-469.

    Nuñez J.J., Vejar A., Guzmán B. E., Barriga E. , & Gallardo C. S. (2012) Phylogenetic and mixed Yule-coalescent analyses reveal cryptic lineages within two South American marine snails of the genus Crepipatella (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae). Invertebrate Biology, 131: 301–311.

    Suárez-Villota, EY., RA Vargas, CL Marchant, JE Torres, N Köhler, JJ Núñez, R de la Fuente, J Page and MH Gallardo. (2012). Distribution of repetitive DNAs and the parental origin of the red vizcacha rat (Octodontidae) genome. Genome, 55(2): 105-117.

    Nuñez, J.J., N. Koontz, F. Rabanal, F. Fontanella, and J.W. Sites, Jr. (2011). Amphibian phylogeography in the Antipodes: refugia and postglacial colonization explain mitochondrial haplotype distributions in the Patagonian frog Eupsophus calcaratus (Cycloramphidae). Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 58, 343-352.

  • Proyectos en Ejecución

    2015-2018.  Fondecyt 1150496. Variable-density thinning to enhance growth, heterogeneity and biodiversity:  stepping stone to achieving sustainable forest management in second-growth forests?. CoInvestigador.

    2014-2016. DID 2014-016 Speciation in a biodiversity hotspot: phylogeography and species delimitation of the Patagonian frogs of genus Eupsophus (Alsodidae) through a coalescent multi-locus approach. Inv. Principal

    2012 – 2013. Prospección de Anfibios en el Sitio Prioritario Llancahue y su Zona de Amortiguación. Licitación Nº 613925-2-LE12, Subsecretaría Ministerial del Medio Ambiente, Región de los Ríos.  Inv. Principal.


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    Email: jjnunez@uach.cl