Pablo Jorge Donoso Hiriart

  • Publicaciones ISI

    Soto D.P., P.J. Donoso and K.J. Puettmann. 2014 Mortality in relation to growth rate and soil resistance varies by species for underplantedNothofagus seedlings in scarified shelterwoods. New Forests DOI 10.1007/s11056-014-9428-6.

    Donoso PJ, Frene C, Flores M, Oyarzún C, Moorman M, Zavaleta J. 2014. Balancing water supply and old-growth forest conservation in the lowlands of south-central Chile through an adaptive co-management approach. Landscape Ecology 29: 245-260.

    Bannister J, PJ Donoso. 2013. Forest Typification to Characterize the Structure and Composition of Old-growth Evergreen Forests on Chiloé Island, North Patagonia (Chile). Forests (4), 1087-1105.

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    Donoso PJ, A Muñoz, O Thiers, DP Soto, C Donoso. 2011. Effects of aspect and type of competition on the early performance of Nothofagus dombeyi and N. nervosa in a mixed plantation. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41: 1075–1081.

  • Proyectos en Ejecución

    Variable-density thinning to enhance growth, heterogeneity and biodiversity: a stepping stone to achieving sustainable forest management in second-growth forests? Investigador Principal, FONDECYT 1150496 2015-2019

    Desarrollo de técnicas y estrategias de rehabilitación de bosques degradados de los tipos forestales Siempreverde y Coihue-Raulí-Tepa. Investigador Principal, Fondo de Investigación en Bosque Nativo (FIBN)-CONAF, 2014-2017.

    Restoration and Silviculture of Forests in the Temperate Zones ofNorthern California and South-Central Chile. Center for Latin American Studies (510) 642-2088 University of California, Berkeley UC BERKELEY-CHILE 2014 GRANT APPLICATION. Investigador Principal en Chile.


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    Teléfono: 63-2221189
    Email: pdonoso@uach.cl